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Hatch intranet site write-up May 2005

of the North ?

Acres Manitoba Mechanical Engineer, Jeremy Silcox, recently undertook a distinctly non-engineering project with his two younger brothers.  Combining forces, they brought to fruition an idea they had been toying with for several years, producing a five-minute movie called " The Primary Brothers " and submitting it to the National Exposure amateur film contest. 

Out of over 100 entries from across Canada , their film (which includes a cameo by another Acres employee, Danny Zaborniak) was selected to be one of 12 to make it to the finals in Winnipeg on March 5th, 2005.  Unfortunately, despite receiving the loudest applause of all the finalists, these budding film-makers didn't win anything, though they did place third in the closely-contested "People's Choice" award (missing 2nd place, and prize money, by only three votes!).  Be sure to watch for a sequel, which will certainly contain a few more Acres faces!

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