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The Origins of 'The Primary Brothers'

Reflecting back on my youth, while growing up with two brothers of similar ages, my parents routinely did something that would later prove to influence and finally illustrate our personalities. When purchasing any clothing, toys or school supplies, my parents made the strategic decision by purchasing three identical items but always in same primary colors: one red, one blue, one yellow. In the end, it would avoid any squabbling between us about who owned which item. My older brother was always red, I was always blue, and my little brother was always yellow.

It was only recently that I made a startling revelation. One rainy day while on vacation in Amsterdam, I noticed the jackets we were wearing. My older brother had a red jacket and myself, a blue one. Here we were, adults, making our own choices on what to wear and the inadvertent color labeling by our parents had stuck. We joked that had our younger brother been there as well he too, no doubt, would have had on a yellow jacket.

We each had our own 'primary' color, and we are brothers... The Primary Brothers. This evolved into a story about stylish 70's super detectives on a mission to take down crime and bring justice to the world!

Steve Silcox (aka Blue)

The Primary Brothers. aka The Silcox Brothers

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