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Red: Jeremy Silcox

Blue: Steve Silcox

Yellow: Nathan Silcox

Old Woman: Sharon Silcox

Purse snatcher 1:
Spencer Sutton

Yohan the Informant: Nelson Oepkes

Vermetta The Designer: Melissa Finch

Purse Snatcher 2:
Danny Zaborniak

Twin Goons: Mtich Jacobson, Neil Jacobson

Sewing Machine Goon: Rachel Jacobson

Mr. Black / Voice Over:
Terry Michalyshyn

1986 Grand Marquis Provided by Glen Rawluk

Directed By: Steve Silcox | Camera: Steve Silcox & Alain Delannoy | Editing and FX: Steve Silcox | Music:
Blair Short Vocals, Guitar | Dan Rourke Guitar | Rob Ramsay Bass Guitar, Sound Engineer | Brent Wong Keyboards
Copyright 2005 Steve Silcox IgniteFilms.com All rights reserved.